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Key West Activities – Get Extreme in Key West Part 1

The wide variety and high fun-level of the many interactive activities available on Key West are part of what makes the island so famous. Of the 1 million+ visitors that arrive in Key West each year, tens of thousands take part in one type or another of specialized land or water activity that goes well beyond anything available in their home towns. These expeditions range from the placid, for example viewing tropical fish through the hull of a Glass-Bottom Boat or sipping cocktails on a sunset cruise, to the playful, like Kayaking quietly through the mangroves, riding bikes around the Old Town streets, or floating over the offshore reefs with a mask and snorkel. Then, there are the high-adventure activities, like drifting high over the water under a Parasail, going under it to explore sunken ships with scuba gear, fishing for hungry sharks, blasting around the island on a jet ski, or flying thousands of feet above it in a biplane.


Any or all of these Key West activities will offer island visitors long days of enjoyment and vacation memories of a lifetime. But there are other things to do in Key West that go far past the mild, and even beyond what most people would call adventurous. These are not your Mom and Pop’s tourist activities. These are the Key West extreme sports. They are for active people who like a bit of challenge with their tourist activities, maybe some physical and athletic demand, definitely a few steps out towards the edge, a dose of adrenalin, and some great stories to take back home. In this post, we will take a look at some edgy yet accessible Key West action sports that are available among the many Key West activities offered here on Cool Key West.

Key West Jet Ski Tours

Freestyle Jet Ski Riding
Most everyone has seen jet ski riders on TV and in the movies. The majority of modern jet skis on the water are of the type known as run-about skis. They are like marine motorcycles, with the rider sitting on the machine and holding on to handle bars, and they are much easier to ride than the earlier stand-up models first popularized by Kawasaki in the early 1970’s. Today’s personal watercraft are very comfortable and controllable, and they can provide thrills going from the mild to the wild. Riding one is a very exciting, adrenalin-pumping experience, and if you have never ridden a Jet Ski, Key West is one of the best places to try it out.

Jet Ski rides are among the most popular of Key West activities, and there are many jet ski tours available to take visitors out on the Key West waters for some fun. However, if you are an experienced rider looking for some high-speed action, or even a confident first-timer, the Cool Key West Freestyle Jet Ski Rental is for you. You get to take your own ski out in a designated private riding area and cut it loose. Get the feel of the ski, then crank it up and carve through some high-speed, rooster-tailing turns. Bust the machine loose with a tweak of the bars and spin across the water in a 360 – watch out on this one if you are a newbie because the G’s will fling you right off the ski. Jump some wakes and waves, or just point it straight on smooth water and mash the throttle to check your top speed. If you are ready to test your skills and see what one of these motocross bikes of the sea can do, check out some jet ski free-riding.

Jet Pack Adventures
If you are fairly athletic, at home in the water, and not afraid of maybe taking a few wet spills with your thrills, then you are ready to take it up a notch with a Key West Jet Pack Adventure. These amazing devices are one of the newest and hottest entries on the water sports scene, and the Jet Pack Adventure is among the most exciting of all Key West activities. The Jetlev R200 Jet Pack is system that pumps high-pressure water streams out of two nozzles mounted on a light-weight shoulder harness frame. Power is provided by a jet ski thruster pump or an independent marine motor unit, and the water stream is fed to the back pack through a thirty-foot hose. With the spray exiting from the nozzles, the Jet Pack truly looks like something out of James Bond. After a short instructional period, you will be able to take off and fly in any direction, go slow or fast, ascend up to 30 feet, hover, and land. It is really an experience like no other, and besides being a major rush, a Jet Pack flight will leave you with photos and video that will blow minds when you show your friends back home.

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