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Key West Golf Cart Rentals Overview

Golf Cart Rentals

Make island transportation fun with a Key West golf cart rental. A classic EZGO golf cart set up with a gas-powered engine, rugged off-road tires, and a high-clearance frame is a great way to take in the Key West sights and highlights. Exciting to drive and easy to park, golf carts are very popular around Key West.

These low-impact vehicles are street-legal, perfectly suited to navigating the island’s narrow, often congested downtown blocks, and they offer a refreshing open-air ride and unobstructed views. Enjoy the tropical air and the vacation resort vibe while cruising effortlessly to far-flung beaches like Smathers and Fort Zach plus all the other Key West attractions.

With 4- to 8-passenger configurations and 3-hour to 24-hour rental slots available, an EZGO gas-powered golf cart makes it easy to see and do much more during any Key West visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided below are based on answers previously given to customers' questions.

Q: Is a golf cart useful for getting around Key West?

A: Golf carts are very useful for getting around Key West, and they are a common sight on island streets where people and traffic tend to move at a relaxed pace. A golf cart is a good option for sightseeing around the narrow streets of Old Town and slipping into the city’s tight parking spots. But a golf cart still has the range and speed needed to zip along the south shore to Smathers Beach or wind your way down to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach on the western tip of Key West. Like the bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and various types of electric cars that are so popular with Key West locals, golf carts are island-friendly modes of transport that help preserve the clean environment we all come to Key West to enjoy.

In Key West, golf carts can travel on any street with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less. This covers most streets on the island, and the streets in Old Town are limited to 20mph so a golf cart is right at home there. With comfortable seats and seat belts for up to 8 passengers, fold-down windshields to provide natural air conditioning, and wide-open 360-degree views, a golf cart is a fun and practical way to zip around and take in the sights of Key West.

Q: Are golf carts safe to drive on the street?

A: Golf carts are becoming increasingly popular in vacation resorts and retirement communities around America because they are economical to operate, easy to drive, and fun to ride around in. Just like in so many other resort communities, golf cart drivers have established their place on the streets of Key West, and drivers of full-sized vehicles are accustomed to sharing the road with golf carts. Modern golf carts are designed to be legal and safe for use on community streets, with full-sized automotive tires, all required lighting, and safety features including bump guards, seatbelts, turn signals, and rearview mirrors.

The EZGO golf carts we provide for our Key West golf cart rentals are top-of-the-line machines that are used for both work and leisure all over the U.S.A. If you need to get around the island with two or more people, or even if you want to cruise solo with more safety and comfort than a bicycle or scooter can offer, a golf cart is a good choice for you. The open-air sides are perfect for sightseeing, and with a high stance and no doors, a golf cart is very easy to enter and exit when you plan on making many stops. Why not skip the long walks under the hot sun and see much more of the island with a safe, fun-to-drive Key West golf cart rental?

Q: Are golf carts easy to drive?

A: Key West golf cart rentals feature top-of-the-line 4-, 6-, and 8-passenger EZGO S4 Express golf carts with zippy, fuel-sipping gas engines. These carts are chosen for corporate utility vehicle fleets and golf cart rental concessions at golf courses across America because of their ease of operation and dependability. Our EZGO golf carts have a limited number of simple operating controls including a key switch that also controls the headlights, a direction selector lever, an integrated parking brake/brake pedal, an accelerator pedal, and a turn signal lever. Anyone who has spent much time around larger resorts and RV parks in the U.S. has likely seen young children driving golf carts, so this an indication of how easy these vehicles really are to drive.

Operating the EZGO is as easy as buckling your seatbelts and turning the key to start the engine. After checking for clearance and traffic all around, disengage the parking brake by pressing either the brake pedal or the accelerator, move the direction selector to forward or reverse, and gently press the accelerator. It is not a complex machine from a driver/operator’s standpoint, but all of the normal rules of the road and safety precautions familiar to any experienced driver do apply to driving a golf cart. With a little common sense and traffic awareness on your part, and a brief pre-rental orientation, you can be off and exploring Key West by golf cart in perfect confidence.

Q: Can I go anywhere in a Key West with a golf cart?

A: These EZGO gas-engine golf carts can go anywhere on the island because the top speed limit on island roads is 35mph. Many Key West visitors choose a Key West golf cart rental for their island transportation needs, as you are sure to notice when you arrive in Key West. And, while downtown Key West is relatively walkable, if you want to roam much beyond Old Town, the Mallory Square area, and the Duval Street strip, you really do need some form of transportation.

With a golf cart, it is easy to zip down to the Southernmost Point marker at the south end of Whitehead Street then be back up to Mallory Square for the sunset celebration within a few minutes. On foot, or even on a bicycle, this is a substantial trip, especially on a hot afternoon. If you want to run around to several historic sites like the Harry Truman Little White House, the Hemingway Home and Museum, the West Martello Tower, and Fort Zachary Taylor in a single day, walking is not a practical solution at all. For getting around with several people, carrying shopping bags or beach accessories, and saving energy for enjoying your Key West visit rather than being drained by marathon walking sessions, a Key West golf cart rental is a great way to go.

Q: How can I pick up and drop off my golf cart?

A: When you reserve a Key West golf cart rental, there are easy pickup solutions that depend on your situation. If you are staying at a hotel in Key West, a free shuttle is available to take you downtown to get your golf cart. Even if you are in Key West with a car, it is a good idea to take advantage of the shuttle service because downtown parking can be very difficult especially during holidays or special events. All the necessary details you need to arrange for a shuttle ride to the rental center will be provided in the email along with your rental vouchers.

For cruise ship visitors arriving at Pier B or the Mallory Square cruise ship port, there are two pickup points located within a short walk, and directions will be provided with your vouchers. Visitors who arrive at the Fort Zachary Cruise Pier can hop on a shuttle to Mallory Square then walk over from there.

Dropping off your golf cart is easy – simply return it to the rental center and drop off the key. For after-hours returns, simply park the golf cart near the others and deposit the keys in the drop box.

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