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Key West Electric Car Rentals

Electric Car Rentals

Environmentally-friendly transportation is very much the Key West island style and there is no better way to get around our Caribbean paradise than in a silent, emission-free electric car. Get to the beaches and all the other great Key West attractions quickly and easily in our new, American-made, well-maintained Polaris GEM electric cars.

The GEM electric car comes in 4- or 6-passenger configurations with greater comfort and more built-in safety features than a golf cart. These sleek electric cars are fast enough to legally travel all island roads, compact enough to cruise the tight streets of Old Town with ease, and nimble enough for a small city where parking spaces are cramped. And the GEM’s wide-open side views make for easy, breezy sightseeing. With free shuttle service from your hotel to the rental pickup point and 4-hour half-day as well as full- and multi-day availability, an electric car might very well be the perfect way for you to see Key West.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers provided below are based on answers previously given to customers' questions.

Q: What are the best options for Key West Electric Car Rentals?

A: According to verified reviews on Cool Key West and TripAdvisor, the best Key West Electric Car Rentals are:

Q: What Key West Electric Car Rentals are taking additional safety precautions?

A: The following activities in Key West experiences are providing additional COVID-19 safety measures (to read the specific policies please click the activity name and read the "Keeping you safe during COVID-19" section located underneath the booking calendar):

Q: Is an electric car useful in Key West?

A: Electric cars are a very useful form of transportation in Key West, a tiny island city with narrow streets and limited parking. Traffic is often congested, particularly in The Old Town Historic District. One of the first things Key West visitors notice is that alternative forms of transportation are very popular with locals who just need to get around town. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and various types of electric cars and golf carts are common sights on island streets and roads. Using such island-friendly modes of transport is a wise strategy. It is a good way to reduce traffic, keep stress levels low, and help preserve the pristine environment that attracts so many people to the Florida Keys.

A Key West electric car rental is a great option if you need to get around the island with a group of people. The electric cars come in 4- and 6-seat configurations and are equipped to carry adult passengers safely and comfortably. Open-air sides are good for sightseeing, and the doorless design makes the cars very easy to enter and exit while making stops around the island. A windscreen, overhead shade, and handy rear storage compartment are practical touches that add to the cars’ usefulness as an all-day transportation option. Easy online booking, time slots to match any itinerary, and free customer pickup and drop off make renting an electric car hassle-free. You can do, see, and enjoy much more on the island with efficient transportation that needs no fuel, parks in tight spaces, and adds an element of fun to getting from place to place.

Q: Are electric cars safe?

A: You can enjoy a Key West electric car rental in perfect confidence because these cars are designed for safety as well as economy and convenience. Our electric cars are made to be used on city streets, and they meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for their vehicle classification. All electric cars come equipped with seat belts, standard automobile-type tires, disc brakes, and front/rear impact crush zones. The passenger compartment is surrounded by a sturdy roll cage with open sides that offer good visibility in all directions. Headlights, turn signals, and rear-view mirrors operate just like those on a full-sized car.

Key West roads are generally small, distances are short, and traffic can be heavy in the downtown area. This leads to a tendency for people to drive a bit slower than they might in other cities. This is another safety factor in favor of using electric cars on the island. Drivers and pedestrians in Key West are used to looking out for many people on foot or riding bicycles and scooters. Electric cars and golf carts are also common, so it is easy to fit in with the rest of the traffic. With basic common sense and road awareness, driving an electric car in Key West is very safe.

Q: Would an electric car be comfortable for a group of adults?

A: For the purpose of touring Key West with a group of adults, a Key West electric car rental will be far more comfortable than any standard economy rental car. Our 4- or 6-seater electric cars easily beat any regular car when it comes to comfort and convenience in island transport, plus electric cars are a lot more fun. The key factor is the doorless design of the electric cars. The wide-open sides combine with a raised seating position to make these cars the ideal vehicle for quickly hopping on and off at all the island highlights you want to visit.

Our new, American-made Polaris GEM electric cars are designed and fully-equipped to carry up to six adults safely and comfortably. Both 4- or 6-seater models feature high-back bucket seats that allow generous legroom as well as side-to-side spacing, and each seat has its own lap and shoulder belts. Almost 6 inches of suspension travel and standard automotive street tires deliver a smooth, car-like ride. A front windscreen and top shade roof provide protection from the elements, while open-air sides let in cool, fresh air and are perfect for sightseeing and taking photos. On a sunny tropical island like Key West, there is no comparison between getting into a regular car that has been parked for a while and hopping on board one of these electric cars with its natural air conditioning. Reserve a Key West electric car rental and rest assured that your group can tour Key West in perfect comfort!

Q: Are electric cars easy to drive?

A: The Polaris GEM electric cars used for our Key West electric car rentals are simple to drive. After a brief orientation to the features and operation of your electric car, you will quickly find that it is easier to drive than a standard car. Just like any car, driving an electric car begins with moving the seat and tilt steering wheel to comfortable positions, then adjusting the rearview mirrors. The electric cars are also equipped with an automotive-style brake, accelerator, and parking brake. After ensuring that everyone has their seatbelts fastened, the driver turns the key to the on position and applies the brake while disengaging the parking brake.

After completing these standard procedures that every driver has experienced, the ease and simplicity of operating an electric car becomes apparent. There is no need to start the car – the key is simply left in the on position, with the battery charge level indicated on a driver information center located on the speedometer. Instead of a shift lever, a three-position direction switch on the dashboard is used to choose forward, neutral, or reverse. The direction selection indicator is also included in the driver information center.

Our well-maintained electric cars feature powerful yet quiet electric motors that are very responsive to the accelerator. The silent, instant acceleration is perhaps the greatest noticeable difference between any electric vehicle and a standard motor vehicle. Capable of speeds up to 30mph, the GEM electric cars are completely road-worthy and legal to drive on any street in Key West. The simplicity and ease of operation of these Key West electric cars make them the perfect choice for any group that wants to freely go anywhere on the island with total comfort and convenience.

Q: Where can I go with a Key West electric car rental?

A: Compact, efficient, and environmentally-friendly, our Key West electric cars meet all legal requirements to travel on any island street or road. They can squeeze through the tight streets of Old Town and breeze along Roosevelt Boulevard on the island’s wide-open southeastern shoreline at speeds up to 30mph. With high maneuverability and excellent visibility all around the vehicle, parking is easy.

A Key West electric car rental is the perfect solution for seeing all the best of Key West, even the far corners, little lunch spots, and tucked-away beaches preferred by the locals, without spending time and getting tired on long, sweaty walks. You can feel free to create an itinerary of all the island’s must-see attractions and rely on your quiet, dependable electric car to take your group to all of them.

You certainly need to get photos at the iconic Southernmost Point marker at the far south end of Whitehead Street. Be sure to visit historic sites including the Harry Truman Little White House used by President Truman as a winter get-away during the 1950s and Ernest Hemingway’s house, the home where the famous author wrote several of his classics, now converted to a museum. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park features an awesome pre-Civil War brick fort and one of the best public beaches on the island.

From the docks and seafood restaurants of Key West Bight on the north shore to the palm-lined sands of Smathers Beach on the south shore, a fast, fun electric car will get you anywhere and let you make the most of your time in Key West.