See the World from Two Wheels with a Key West Scooter Rental

Key West is such a busy, vibrant little city that you are going to have your hands full with places to go and things to do from morning to night. You will be on the go, and, like many visitors, may find yourself wondering about the best way to get around town. Fortunately, Key West is a small city that is ideally suited to the use of alternative modes of transportation. This is a real advantage because the streets are narrow, the neighborhoods are tight, and parking is at a premium. You will quickly see that locals prefer scooters, bikes, skateboards, and foot travel over trying to fight the traffic. So, when in paradise, why not do as the Conchs do and buzz around the island on two wheels enjoying the fresh tropical breeze, the lovely foliage, and the exciting street life?


If you have some basic two-wheel riding skills, a Key West scooter rental will let you travel island-style. Save on gas, zip around traffic jams, park with ease, cruise along the beach front in style; everything looks better when you view it over the handle bars. Instead of simply moving you from place to place like a car, a scooter turns any trip into a little thrill. It is very easy to find good scooter rentals in Key West. Prices are reasonable for single- and multi-day rentals, and no special license is required. Various models are available: single-seaters, two-seaters, extra-stable dual wheel models, and mobility scooters. You can find the best ride for your transportation needs, take a quick instructional briefing, and be off.


Although riding any type of motorbike is not without risks, it can be said that riding a scooter around Key West may be a little safer than usual simply because so many people ride scooters and bicycles on the island. In fact, beyond the local cruisers, Key West is a major biker road trip destination. There are many two-wheelers in town, and a share-the-road ethic is in pretty good effect around the city. It will be immediately apparent that hundreds of tourists everyday choose motor scooters as their Key West transportation option, and as long as a rider exercises common sense and follows standard safety practices, along with obeying all traffic laws and local riding customs, there should be no problems.

If you decide to try out a Key West scooter rental, you do need to be safety conscious. It is undeniable that there is a large number of accidents each year that involve visiting scooter riders, cars, trucks, other scooters, and immovable objects of various types. Inexperience and operator error on the part of the scooter rider is a factor in a great many of these unfortunate events. And one of the most common operator errors around here is mixing alcohol with a scooter. This is of course an absolute no, and not only because of the fact that you will collect a DUI faster than you can blink. Scooters are far less forgiving of the mistakes buzzed drivers make than cars are. On the plus side, it is very easy to walk around for a few hours after taking refreshments, lock the scooter and walk back to your room, or even simply push the scooter home if you get caught out by a good happy hour.


Although inexperienced riders are not likely to receive any training from a scooter rental agency, it is important to listen carefully to the instructional/safety briefing. And, no matter what you may see others doing, do not be tempted to go without a helmet. Helmets will be available and the rental cost will be some of the cheapest insurance you have ever purchased. Proper footwear and sturdy long pants can also add a lot to the safety of your scooter ride. Be wise when riding and parking to avoid tickets. A scooter is a motor vehicle and is subject to all the same traffic laws that apply to a car. You cannot ride on sidewalks or otherwise treat a scooter as a bicycle, and you must park correctly or you will likely get ticketed. When you want to park downtown, there are many free parking spaces reserved for scooters, easily identified by the white stripes and groups of parked scooters.

Once you learn the ropes, you can have a blast running around town on a scooter. With a Key West scooter rental, you can smile as you put down the kickstand and go while car-bound travelers are circling the block for a parking space, then pumping coins into a meter. Let Cool Key West introduce you to the fun and freedom of two wheels. Just do the locals a favor and don’t run around town beeping the little horn too much!

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