Key West Kayaking Adventures

Key West Kayaking Adventures

Kayaking the shallow water flats around Key West’s backcountry is an exciting, and at the same time, a very relaxing adventure. It may be the perfect method of exploring the spectacular coastal scenery that is abundant in the waterways around Key West since much of it is only accessible by kayak. Kayaking is a uniquely fun way to discover Key West’s fascinating ecological wonders while providing paddlers with a great form of outdoor exercise.

This is an awesome way to observe the area’s full array of wildlife because paddling a kayak is extremely quiet and the wake is barely noticeable. For anyone who is interested in witnessing (up close) the diverse variety of wildlife that inhabits these secluded islands, backcountry flats, and mangrove forests, kayaking is an excellent choice since it causes little or no disruption from things like motor noise, gasoline fumes, or annoying waves. As you peer through the crystal-clear waters from your kayak you’ll have opportunity to watch an abundance of fabulous marine creatures in their natural surroundings. You’ll be an eyewitness to a dazzling display of tropical fish as they go about their business among a kaleidoscope of corals and sponges just beneath the surface of the water.

For those who love bird watching, a kayaking adventure is an extraordinary way to view the hundreds of species of birds that visit and live in the Keys. There are many species that take up residence in the area all year long. Some nest and breed here, while others use the local eco-habitats as a stopover during their migration. You can learn about egrets, herons and a host of other birds as they roost only feet away and observe them preying the flats and catching their food.

More than just a kayaking trip; we also offer a complete  eco-tour experience! Our kayaking guides will enthusiastically explain this ecosystem’s uniqueness which is found in its plant life, marine animals, birds and its natural history. Geared for any level of paddler, the kayaking “trails” around Key West are easy to paddle and good for beginners as well as veterans of the sport. We’ll make sure you won’t have to go far to see all the hidden beauty that so many have described as serene, enchanting, romantic and captivating, even beyond words for a fantastic and memorable Key West kayak adventure.

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