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How Theo Glorie traded a super ball for a BMW motorcycle

Theo Glorie is owner of a locals favorite coffee spot The Coffee Plantation. Between serving up coffee and sailing the high seas, Theo sits down with Cool Key West to offer us a view into his wacky, fun and oftentimes jittery Key West life.

Q: Where did you live and what did you do before you quit your job and moved to Key West?
A: My wife and I had a full blown floral design career and floral shop in Newport Beach California. After to many bridezilla’s and design responsibilities, my wife Diane and I loaded up our floral delivery van with all our dear belongings, traveled the country for a good 8 months, and settled in Key West for a new “less stressful” career.

Q: What is the best part about owning your own coffee shop in Key West?
A: The best part of owning a coffee shop like The Coffee Plantation in Key West is that you get to know everybody…. It’s been a gateway to the community… I love it.

Q: What is the strangest thing that has ever happened in your shop?
A: A middle aged women walked up to the coffee counter and ordered a coffee. She asked for a small coffee with room for 2% milk and a few ice cubes… She told me she is a big coffee person. While I am filling up her cup, she reaches out to my “espresso grinds box” and helps herself to a fine compressed puck of used espresso grinds and continues by sticking the grinds in her mouth. Totally surprised she said, “Oh my god, what is that?” I said, “Well, these are espresso coffee grinds what did you think it was?” “Oh my God.” She said, “I thought they where brownie samples.” You should have seen all the coffee grinds in between her teeth… it was hilarious.

Q: Do you think you have a caffeine addiction?
A: Yes.

Q: What is your average Wednesday like?
A: Same as Tuesday…little better than Monday, but much less better than Sunday.

Q: If you could have a super power what it be and how would you use it?
A: I would be the “Happy machine” I’d call myself ”El’spresso” and I would spray happiness around town with my happy spray gun, giving away happy capsules, and people can have a hit from my happy bong.

Q: Pirates seem to be an epidemic these days, have you ever had an encounter with a pirate?
A: I love the Key West pirates. I have had lots of encounters with them. You should have seen the Pirate Burlesque Show on the Key West tall ship, ” The Jolly 2 Rover” a few weeks ago….Arrrrhhhh..

Q: What do you like to do outside of serving people delicious coffees and treats?
A: Sit down with my one of my customers and have a cup of coffee with a treat.

Q: Is it true you traded a super ball for a BMW motorcycle?
A: Actually…. My friend Mike Mongo introduced me to the “Red Paperclip” story. I traded my red paperclip for a ball, traded that for a necklace, traded that for wine, traded that for a guitar, traded that for a fountain, traded that for a Atocha coin, traded that for a Sail cruise for up to 40 people, traded that for a stake in the Key West Burlesque Pirate show and finally traded that for a 1982 BMW R100…. How cool is that?

Q: Because you are Dutch and own a coffee shop do people try and buy pot from you?
A: Yes….

Q: If you only had one day in Key West what would you do?
A: A early cup of coffee with a “Key West Citizen” at The Coffee Plantation, followed with breakfast at the Blue Heaven, a water adventure trip on a Catamaran, lunch at Salute, the afternoon at Fort Zachary Taylor, sunset sail on a schooner, dinner at Louie’s Backyard and if there is any energy left I pick up a beer at the Green Parrot. Oh, and a Philly Steak sandwich from Mr. Z’s on my way home.

Q: What do you think about the possibility of a nude beach in Key West?
A: Now that is a great idea…. I think we should be a nude city….

Q: Any parting words you would like to share?
A: Yeah, I love living in Key West.

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