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Key West Burlesque Host Landon Bradbury

Landon Bradbary is a concierge at Alexander Palms and Authors Guesthouse. He is also an actor and host of the Key West Burlesque show. Between taking care of guests and being and MC for girls in pasties, Landon shares his thoughts of living in Key West, Florida.

Q: Where did you live before you quit your job and moved to Key West?
A: Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC

Q: How long have you lived in Key West and why did you choose to move here of all places?
 6 Years, 4 months, 12 days. I fell in love with this island from the first time I came to visit. I felt at peace here.

Q: What was your job before moving here?
A: East Village Bar Doorman, Broadway Dresser.

Q: What does being a Key West concierge consist of?
A: Helping people find the parts of this island that they are going to enjoy.

Q: Tell us the strangest request you have had as Concierge in Key West?
A: Do you have any idea how many people ask me for weed? (and no, I have no idea where to get any).

Q: What other job(s) do you have in Key West?
A: I manage the guesthouses as well, but that and the Burlesque shows are enough.

Q: Do people from back home find it odd you live in Key West and host a burlesque show?
A: That I live in Key West? Yes. Host of Key West Burlesque? No. Some folks have made asked me to be their Facebook friend, then dropped me immediately after seeing my photos.

Q: What is your favorite costume.
A: The Green Suit and White Shoes that I wore for Filthy Gorgeous Burlesque show. It looked like I raided the Golden Girl’s Closet. Comedy is so much easier when the outfit is telling half the jokes.

Q: What are some of your favorite places to grab a beer and why?
A: The Green Parrot of course – I always see friends and the jukebox is good. I dig daytime drinking. Alonzo’s for happy hour, ’cause a man has to eat!

Q: What do you enjoy most about living Key West.
A: No matter how big I think my “problems” are, a slow bike ride under palm trees brings it all in to perspective.

Q: Have you ever spotted a midget? If so where?
A: Little Pixie at Teasers. It’s been years though…

Q: Any other Hobbies you would like to share?
A: I’m just a big nerd. I work, I do Burlesque shows, I play video games, I love beer and bourbon. That’s me in a nutshell.

Q: If you could show somebody one thing in Key West what would it be?
A: I would show them a hell of a good time… in the back of my van!

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