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Key West Activities – Get Extreme in Key West Part 2

Flyboard Key West
For a completely amazing aquatic/aerial thrill ride, it would seem to be hard to beat the Jet Pack described in my last post. However, there is another cutting edge innovation that has some enthusiasts claiming that the Jet Pack is passé. Flyboard Key West is the newest Key West water sport, and if you think you have the balance, coordination, and daring-do that it takes to fly this incredible machine above and below the water surface, you have got to give it a try.

The Flyboard takes the same principal of levitation powered by twin high-pressure water nozzles that is used in the Jet Pack. The difference is, the nozzles are mounted directly under the pilot’s feet with a binding system that is quite similar to that of a wakeboard. This makes for a control interface that is minimal and lightweight. Using only subtle body movements, the Flyboarder can rise vertically, hover, spin, move forward at high speed, and dive down to jet beneath the surface then leap gracefully into the air like a dolphin. A few minutes of instruction can have you flying like your favorite super hero. The Flyboard will truly amaze you with the experience of zero gravity and an unmatched sense of free flight as you zoom above the water. If you have ever dreamt of flying without wings, you must try the Flyboard. One-on-one flight lessons allow even first-timers to take off, hover, land, and enjoy one of the most exhilarating Key West activities of them all.

Stunt Biplane Flights
Once you whet your appetite for airtime with the Jet Pack and Flyboard, you will probably want more. Satisfy that craving by grabbing an extreme adventure that you have surely seen on TV or even live at an air show but maybe never dreamed you would have access to: a flight in a high-performance stunt aircraft.

Going aloft in the legendary Pitts S2-C stunt biplane is one of those Key West activities that is definitely not for the faint of heart. But Pitts Specials have been the defining force in American aerobatics for more than half a century, and these planes are proven thoroughbreds capable of handling the demands of world-class competition stunt pilots dependably and safely. With an experienced aerobatic pilot at the controls, you can confidently take your seat in the fully-enclosed passenger cockpit, buckle in, and get ready to enjoy a private air show from the front row.

Get a bird’s eye view of Key West from every angle as your pilot puts the plane through it paces with hammerhead stalls, snap rolls, inside and outside loops, inverted flight and many other classic aerobatic maneuvers. Pull G-forces in the range of 8 positive and 4 negative as the plane twists, turns, and hits dive speeds up to 215 mph. This is an experience that will leave every other tour activity in the dust, a once-in-a-lifetime thrill that you just have to taste. Your time aloft in this incredible aircraft will be unforgettable, and you may well find it to be a life-changing experience, so do not miss this opportunity.

Stunt Biplane Flights Key West 01

Key West Skydiving
After shredding the skies in a Pitts stunt biplane, you are likely to think that none of the other Key West activities will be able to match up. Well, that is not necessarily the case because if you are ready to kick it up another notch, there is one more thing left to do: go up in an airplane and jump out of it.

That’s right, Cool Key West can hook you up with a Key West skydiving trip that will let you experience the ultimate rush while enjoying awesome views of Key West and the beautiful reefs that surround the island. Just 20 miles north of Key West, Sugarloaf Key is home to Skydive Key West, where certified United States Parachute Association instructors with many years of experience, over 5000 skydives, and a perfect safety record wait to take you on a free-fall adventure from over 2 miles above the Keys.

After a short instructional briefing, you will board the aircraft and be securely harnessed to your instructor with specially designed tandem skydiving equipment. The plane will take to the skies and climb to altitude, all the while giving you spectacular views of Key West, the Florida reefs, the Florida Keys, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. When the pilot gives the go signal, you and your instructor will exit the plane and begin to freefall, reaching speeds of nearly 130 mph. The skydive instructor will have everything under control, letting you enjoy the rush, then popping open the parachute with enough altitude left to let you enjoy a five to seven minute float back to earth, where you will make a soft, pinpoint landing in an open field.

Skydiving Key West 01

Besides being amazing fun, this is another one of those Key West activities that has the potential to leave participants changed. Who is not going to walk with a confident spring in their step after having the courage to jump from an airplane 2 miles up? Get bragging rights around the office and have one of the best stories to tell at family gatherings. Who knows, you might even want to become a skydiver yourself.

Why not let this overview of the extreme side of Key West activities inspire you to take it just a little further on your next visit to the island? The adventures you have dreamed are all there; just let Cool Key West help you step up and go for it. All of the information you need is right on this website, along with the secure booking facilities that make it easy to grab one of the limited spots for these exclusive high-adventure activities. YOLO, so go for it full-on with Cool Key West.

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