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Fred Cabanas Tribute

By Cool Key West Blog Staff

Key West stunt pilot Fred Cabanas, who entertained hundreds of thousands of people around the world with his dare-devil aerobatics at air shows, died Tuesday 15th January in an aviation accident near Cozumel, Mexico.

A mischievous smile, boundless enthusiasm, and a “type-A-plus character” made Fred Cabanas the kind of person those who met him never forget. He joked that instead of having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, he’d say, “I’ve got two devils, both saying ‘Do it, do it,’” longtime friend and aerobatic performer Gary Ward recalled.

Mike Mongo Says:

Conch Republic Air Force“It has been said that Freddy Cabanas, Key West pilot and superhero, turned more people on to flying than all of the US Air Force combined. There was no vehicle on earth he was incapable of flying. If there were a flying car, Fred Cabanas could fly it. Flying carpets were nothing to Freddy Cabanas. Legend has it that kites gravitated towards him but Freddy Cabanas would downplay such suggestions as silliness. (Nonetheless on the day after his deaths there were no kites flying in Key West.) He had a fondness for good food and company, and with wife, son, daughter and friends and family Freddy Cabanas was often seen having grand dinners at Mo’s Creole Restaurant on White Street. We will miss him but in person only. Freddy Cabanas’ spirit now flies up where we belong.

Long live Freddy Cabanas! Long Live the Conch Republic Air Force!”

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